CLIL 1: Definition. Advantages and Drawbacks

CLIL 2: The 4 Cs. Content

CLIL 3: The 4 Cs. Cognition

CLIL 4: The 4 Cs. Communication

CLIL 5: The 4 Cs. Culture. Materials

CLIL 6: Assessment in CLIL

A Teaching Unit on wood technology


Books for CLIL Teachers

COYLE, Do; HOOD; Philip & MARSH, David (2010) CLIL. Content and Language Integrated Learning. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

DALE, Rose & TANNER, Rosie (2011) CLIL Activities. Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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MEHISTO, Peete, MARSH, David & FIGOLS, M Jesús (2008) Uncovering CLIL. Macmillan Books for Teachers. Oxford: Macmillan Publishers

Webs for CLIL Teachers 

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